Die Wahrheit hinter der Brücke

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Dieser Artikel wurde am 13. Juni 2004 veröffentlicht
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[zitat] MNW: Do you see any Mac technology being implemented in creative ways? After all, you’re in a pretty creative place.

Gite: There’s one example that’s cool. I went over to the set where they film the new Star Trek series, Enterprise, and walked behind the bridge, which is filled with computer screens. I found out that all those graphics on the bridge are being driven by Apple Cubes. There are about 25 of them there, and they push the video display. There’s a guy that sits in the room above and he just creates graphics on the fly and bounces them through the Cubes. It’s crazy. It show how there is a lot going on with Macs here that most people don’t know about.

Tja… sogar die Enterprise kommt nicht ohne einem Apfel aus…


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